The China Internship Program

The China Internship Program (CIP) offers practical work opportunities in China for overseas students who are studying in or have graduated from University.

CIP is built on a strong environment for young professionals to live and work in China; this experience will be of great experience for their living and professional development in the future.

This opportunity not only widens the selection range for future employers, but also offers international experience and provides development opportunities for local host companies to launch into the international market.

Internship Listings

The following positions are currently available for the China Internship Program. Please note that not all specific details can be provided. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please enquire now and check with us for the job availability, as positions may already be taken.

To view a internship position vacancy, simply click on the link to expand and collapse for the detailed description.

If there are no positions you are interested in on this internship listing, then you may contact us and specify what sort of internship you would like to partake in.


Each internship is designed according to the background and skills of each applicant, guaranteeing the suitability and relevancy for the host companies at the same time creating a practical experience for the interns. Internships can be organized in a wide range of work industries and in the business districts of China. The programs are ideal for university placement experience or as an alternative cultural experience.

During the internship period CIP arranges companies and organizations within China for the interns to enable them to put into practice their skills and knowledge in their desired fields of interest. With CIP’s multitude of host companies and relationships (local and international), CIP can bridge the intercultural bridge between local and international professional workforces.

For each internship program, the following options are available:
  • Placement within Beijing,Shanghai,Hangzhou and other places in China.
  • Selection of popular industries. E.g. Marketing, Finance, Engineering among others.
  • We offer a 4-20 weeks program.
  • Internships designed to meet University, Company requirements.
  • Study and internship packages available.